Story of Team

Team Fct was created in 2010 on the game Forzamotorsport 3.

FcT short for Forza club Touring for Forzamotorsport and Fc Tranquille for Fifa.

Part of 4 players it will take us a year to reach about 10 members on Forzamotorsport and at the same time creates a complete team on the game FIFA 11 to make the club pro.

We start competing in these two games and the team grows over time.

A team logo was created for Forza:

A first video of the players of the Forzamotorsport team:

In 2013 the team has more than 25 members, our playing experience as well as our joint training lead us to more than correct results in the official competitions of the Forzamotorsport and FIFA games à des résultats plus que corrects sur les compétitions officielles des jeux Forzamotorsport et FIFA.

Logo change in 2013:

Forzamotorsport 5 team video:

We are starting to differentiate ourselves from the other teams and are going into a 1901 law association under the name "Team FcT". We continue on this momentum during the following years and we place ourselves among the 5 best French teams on these two respective games (official championships).

In 2016 we are opening a new pole on the Project Cars game and the team reaches more than 50 members.

We decided to go to professional team status by creating a facebook page, a youtube channel, as well as this site on behalf of the Team.

In 2017 the logo changes (more neutral) to suit both Forzamotorsport and Fifa.

Beginning of 2018, closure of the FIFA pole and therefore Restyler logo for the 2 remaining poles: ForzaMotorsport and Project Cars.

2019 l’équipe est désormais 100% simracing et réparti sur 4 poles bien défini.


-Sim racing console (comprenant des joueurs uniquement au volant sur tous les jeux praticable comme Assetto corsa).

-Sim racing PC.

-Forza Motorsport.